Beautiful, delicate, timeless engravings...................

"Keith's finely executed Boxwood engravings are infused with his passion for the natural world. Drawn to the mediums warmth, distinctiveness and its unique Englishness, he has been practising this rare art for 20 years" Trinity Arts

I am so lucky to have discovered wood engraving as an art form. I live and work in a small corner of England, a very beautiful classic landscape "The Weald and the Marsh and the Down countree" as Rudyard Kipling once described it. And to be able to try and capture that beauty in such an organic art form always thrills me. Literally I could engrave an image onto a fragment of a tree that grew within the very same landscape. To work over the smoothly prepared surface of the wood block to immerse myself in the wonderful meditation of this miniature world, to hear the the resistance of the wood change as I cut deeper or shallower - as the white lines swell and sweep through the blackness of the uncut block always leaves me with a strong sense of contact with the natural world.

My work is available as limited edition prints all taken individually from the original blocks. I have an online shop and there's galleries and shops that stock my work listed HERE. I would always be interested to hear from any further potential stockists too.

I do work to commission, peoples houses always seem popular. Logos, commercial illustrations I'm happy to do. I have provided several engravings for Glyndebourne Opera House which they sell through their shop. If you think we could work together, drop me a line!

I am happy to hear from students who would like to have one to one tuition. Or organisations who would like to hire me to teach classes. I teach fairly regularly at BIP Art and I've taught recently at Farley Farm and Gallery and Watts Gallery . I am always interested in hearing from venues who would like me to teach events for them, please get in touch!