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M R James - 'They stood side by side'

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One of a six part collection engraved for Tartarus Press, for their M R James Collection. The first editions of the book sold out in under two weeks!

This engraving is inspired by the vengeful visitors to the study of Mr Abney's study seen by the young Stephen Elliot from his upstairs window of Aswarby House, in 'Lost Hearts', a story 'James published in 1895.

The print is in an edition of 50 - Tartarus included the first 30 of the edition in each of the first 30 of the books. Therefore is only another 20 available to purchase. There is a reduction in price if all six of the collection are bought together.

It is hand printed on my 1849 Albion Printing Press on some of the last stocks of Zerkall hand made paper directly from the boxwood block. And measures 180mm x 110mm.

As with all my online images, the copyright of them resides with me. And the permission for the use or copying needs to be sought from me before use. Just give me a call, I'm sure we can agree something! 01825 841000. Thank you.

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