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A ring formed around me

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Heavily armed Housecarls | Hostile and wary | Their hands on their sword-hilts | Hard faces frowning | A ring formed around me | A rampart of bright steel | A thicket of thorns | Outthrust in challenge.

So wrote Nick Moore in his epic poem 'Thought-Ship'. I was approached to join a project to bring the poem to print - illustrated through out with a series of my wood engravings. Sadly the project failed to raise the necessary funds - however, I had produced three engravings to accompany the bid - this one and one of the Thought-Ship in an ice bound fjord accompanied by the northern lights..

Printed from the original block on mould made Zerkel paper in an edition of 125.

Print measures 140mm x 120mm.

P&P included to all UK address.

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