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Keith A. Pettit is a British artist based in East Sussex.

He creates sculpture for private clients and for

public commissions in the UK and Europe.

His work is available to purchase or commission.

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The art of Keith A. Pettit is rooted in the natural world. 


His native Sussex, with its history and landscape of weald, woodland, chalk, farmland and coast, informs and shapes his sculpture. 


Frequently working with found wood, Pettit immerses himself in a process of seeking and revealing sculptural form, using techniques such as carving, chain-sawing, burning and oiling.


‘I find something that already exists in there.  I try and work in the most natural way, to tune into the seasons and moon phases.’


The resulting sculpture communicates a love of materials, a deep knowledge of tree species and an awareness of the beauty and lifecycle of nature.


His most cherished artworks are those with substance, something with nature’s depths woven in. His urge to tell a story often finds expression not only in the properties of the wood but also in its intended site so that it feels almost like the environment has conspired to create the object, rather than having something imposed on the site.

Stockists of woodcut engravings by Keith A. Pettit

Skylark Books 

Kevis House Gallery

Ditchling Museum 


Forthcoming Exhibitions/Commissions

Shared Space

Joint exhibition with Paul Evans

Artwave Festival

Hamsey Church near Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5TB

3 – 18 September 2022


Recent Exhibitions/Commissions

Inspired Isolation 

Artwave Festival

Hamsey Church near Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5TB

5 – 20 September 2020


Wood Walk

Sheffield Park Garden


The Wooded Path 

Schloss Tiengen, Germany

What Lies Beneath

Cuckmere Haven, UK


That Grows with Hope 

Forst, Lausitz, Germany


Sculpture Garden 

Farleys House and Gallery, UK


Wasser Geflecht  

Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany


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